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We are able to take care of wide range of urgent medical problems and minor emergencies when you arrive as a walk-in patient into our office in Houston, Texas.    Find the medical care you need today, when you need it most!

Our team is trained to handle minor surgeries (like lacerations under local anesthesia) you may need. We will provide a thorough examination to make sure you get exactly what you need based on medical criteria and necessity.  

Our team is trained to diagnose and treat a large number of medical conditions in the field of family medicine and minor emergencies to provide the best of care for you and your family.

For Minor Emergencies, usually it is not necessary to make an appointment to see a doctor at Doctors Care Clinic in Houston. However sometimes due to the severity of certain medical conditions and the needs of certain patients they will be referred to the nearest emergency room.

Medical treatments when you need them

Urgent Medical Care